Developed With:

Unity 4.6



Jan 2015 - Apr 2015


Team size:



My Role:

Lead Designer

Project Details:

Kingdoms is an asymmetric isometric mobile world building game where players work together to expand their kingdom.  Players will collaborate between three different classes to rapidly increase their kingdom's prosperity and size, while simultaneously coming together to defend their Kingdom from the forces of nature which are always trying to take the kingdoms land back for itself.


My Role - Lead Designer

My time spent on this project focused heavily upon the design and mechanics.  The following tasks were my responsibility:


  • Designed gameplay systems
    • Collaborated with design team to create the gameplay mechanics
    • Created one page design documents of complex mechanics for team reference
    • Iterated on the original game design document, and documented new features for implementation
    • Designed in game economy
    • Designed player retention strategy from analysis of existing mobile games
    • Designed dynamic world which expands or contracts based off gameplay
  • Level Design
    • Collaborated with design team to lay the foundation of a Kingdom
    • Collaborated with design team to create expandable Kingdom
    • Coordinated between art, programming, and production teams to lead the game vision
  • Implemented Menus
    • Implemented menu into existing build utilizing Unity Canvas