Mathcraft Download EXE




Developed With:

Unity 4.6



5 Months


Team size:



My Role:

Technical Designer

Project Details:

Mathcraft is a PC game where players will navigate through dungeons with their trusty hammer crafted using the power of P.E.M.D.A.S. The game is designed to help students achieve the educational objectives laid out by Florida educational standards.


My Role - Technical Designer

Scripting for this project was done in C# and the following tasks were my responsibility:


  • Designed gameplay systems
    • Collaborated with team to create the gameplay and wrapper that became Mathcraft
  • Gameplay Scripting
    • Player attack mechanic
    • Implemented final boss mechanics (knock back)
    • Implemented camera control system for traveling from room to room
  • Level Design
    • Designed level layout which focused on players collecting key items to unlock certain areas of the level as they progressed through the game
  • Audio
    •  Handled audio implementation in Unity Engine