Nasty Neighbors Download EXE
Requires Gamepads




Developed With:

Unity 4.6



2 Weeks


Team size:



My Role:

Technical Designer

Project Details:

Nasty Neighbors is a head to head battle against your neighbor, where players will be trying to blow leaves, throw garbage, and vandalize their neighbors yard and house all for the sake of having a better looking house.


My Role - Technical Designer

Scripting for this project was done in C# and the following tasks were my responsibility;


  • Designed gameplay systems
    • Collaborated with another designer to create the gameplay and wrapper that became Nasty Neighbors
  • Gameplay Scripting
    •  Player abilities
    •  Leaf Bag Functionality
    •  House damage functionality
  • Level Design
    • Collaborated with another designer to lay out the game stage
  • Audio
    •  Handled audio implementation in Unity Engine