Robodrome Download EXE




Developed With:

Unity 4.6



2 Weeks


Team size:



My Role:

Project Lead/Technical Designer

Project Details:

Robodrome is a networked multi-player objective based game where two teams of robot battle to achieve objectives utilizing push/pull mechanics to both navigate the stage and disrupt their opponents.


My Role - Project Lead/Technical Designer

I worked as both a technical designer and producer for this game.  The following tasks were my responsibility:


  • Managed project priorities
    • Worked closely with both programmers and artists to ensure critical tasks were being completed
  • Designed gameplay systems
    • Created the original concept and worked closely with programmers to ensure abilities were appropriately balanced for gameplay
  • Collaborated with art team
    • Worked closely with art team to provide high level vision for the games visual target
  • Gameplay Scripting
    •  Implemented the push mechanic
    •  Implemented particle effects attached to player mechanics
  • Level Design
    • Designed level layout
    • Implemented moving platforms into level using Unity animations
    • Implemented particle effects into level design
  • Network Bug Squashing
    • Worked closely with programmers/producers to alleviate de-syncing problem that was occurring
  • Audio
    •  Handled audio implementation in Unity Engine
  • Formal pitch for this project to be continued
    • Pitched game to faculty & cohort for consideration to be continued

Mechanics Video:

Pitch(Starts at 41 minutes):