Solo Sorcerer Download APK




Developed With:

Unity 4.6



2 Weeks


Team size:



My Role:

Technical Designer

Project Details:

Solo Sorcerer is a real time match three game, where players will need to quickly match three icons of the same element to attack/defend/heal/gain mana against a series of monsters in a dungeon.  Players will level up their wizard as they progress through an increasingly difficult series of dungeons.


My Role - Technical Designer

Scripting for this project was done in C# and the following tasks were my responsibility:


  • Designed gameplay systems
    • Collaborated with team to create the gameplay and wrapper that became Solo Sorcerer
    • Iterated on original design to address gameplay confusion and integrate additional features
  • Player feedback
    • Implemented floating text feedback for when the player takes damage, gains health or gains mana
    • Added visual/audio effects to give player better idea when they were damaged, and close to death
  • Audio
    •  Handled audio implementation in Unity Engine