Developed With:

Unreal 4



April 2015-Present


Team size:



My Role:

Technical Designer

Project Details:

Totem is a capstone project at the Florida Entertainment Academy. Totem is a first person arena shooter where players utilize elemental abilities to destroy their enemies totem. Players choose one of three different type of shaman to  battle with and then compete in a 3v3 setting. The game features an ever changing arena where players create, destroy, and navigate the landscape in real time. Developed utilizing the Unreal Engine with a team of 14 developers.


My Role - Technical Designer

Scripting for this project was done in UE4 Blueprints and the following tasks were my responsibility:


  • Designed gameplay systems
    • Collaborated with lead designer to address gameplay concerns
  • Gameplay Scripting
    •  Implemented new gameplay mode focusing on king of the hill mechanics
  • Player Feedback
    • Worked in Blueprints to implement and iterate upon in game feedback to improve player experience and minimize player confusion
  • Chat System/Kill Feed
    • Implemented chat system into UI & HUD using UE4 Blueprints
    • Expanded upon chat system to integrate kill feed data into existing chat system
  • Character Animations Implementation
    • Established animation pipe-line
    • Implemented animations using UE4 animation blueprints and blend spaces
  • Audio
    •  Implemented audio using UE4 Blueprints